Take a look at what previous and current clients had to say about coaching received through the Business Coaching For Artists Academy.

If you're an artist looking to take your career to the next level, I highly recommend joining 'The Journey'. The course content is valuable, comprehensive and well structured.

What I appreciated the most was Susana's unique coaching approach, focusing more on strategic and business aspects of the musical journey. As artists, we need to approach our artistry and career as a business - this was my main takeaway and shift throughout the course. 

I very much enjoyed our regular coaching calls, as well as being part of an amazing community of like-minded artists. 

I finally started posting on social media and stopped overthinking my journey as an artist. Also, I became more confident in my abilities as a result of all the learnings from the course. 

I'm really grateful for all the learnings - thank you Susana for your leadership and mentorship!

Cris von X on Instagram

Cristina Florea (Cris von X)

Vocalist, songwriter (Hungary)

Thank you, Susana, for taking me with you on The Journey.

I always felt like preparing for a big journey, but never started it. With Susana's music business course, I managed to pack my rucksack and finally start it.

She gave me the compass, the survival pack and the map. I struggled with many doubts, with thoughts like "I will never earn enough money for making a living of it" or "there are so many more talented musicians than me", I struggled with the usage of social media, I had no plan.

And Susana did not just show me my plan, she showed me, how I can make my own plan. How I can find my best way that fits to my goals.

The group coach calls were like light buoys during the Journey. We exchanged our experiences and supported each other. The group melted together and also after the course we are directing lights for each other.

Thank you so much Susana! You are the best guide I could find.

Website: https://martha-zan.mailchimpsites.com/

Martha Zan

Singer, songwriter, Ukelele artist (Germany)

I’ve always found myself working and starting new tracks instead of having to think about the business side of being a composer.

Writing music comes naturally to me and although I am aware that for a successful music career having the right mindset and a proper strategy is just as important as talent, promoting myself is something I have always struggled with.

Thankfully The Journey has helped me set my priorities straight and gave me insight into the business side of being a musician.

It also gave me a huge self-confidence boost and now I feel ready to take the necessary steps to promote myself and my music in a more efficient way.

Website: www.levente-kovacs.com

Levente Kovacs

Composer for media, pianist (Germany)

My reason to join The Journey was feeling insecure about my capabilities of becoming an artist. Luckily I joined the group, because since then I mostly completely got rid of my fears and doubts for becoming an artist. 

What helped me with my struggle? The fellow students and Susana who gave me hope and strength to focus on myself, being who I am, and to know how to become a valuable artist within the business. That’s one of my goals, to run a business in health, music and spirituality.

The Journey changed me as a person and showed me how I can adjust my qualities and use it for good. 

I would definitely recommend this program to other artists, especially if they don’t feel ready and still get stuck in this music business. Then Sanne is here to aid you with the right information and energy. 

Noah Liasam

DJ, producer (Netherlands)

Susana has great new perspectives and gave me a lot of helpful advices in our one-to-one coaching. It was amazing to talk to a woman who has been working in the scene for such a long time.

She deeply cares about your concern and makes you feel valued.

My favorite quote of her was: You can do a lot yourself if you have the passion, talent and drive.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Susana!


Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer (Germany), One-to-one coaching client

With years of experience in the music business Susana has alot of great insights to share. In our personal coaching session she answered all my questions and she included some general words of wisdom as well to set me on the right path!

She is a great listener with sincere interest in her clients!

Thank you Susana!


Songwriter, Vocalist, Vocal Producer (Netherlands), [One-to-one coaching client]

After speaking with Susana I feel much better and more motivated!

I was unsure about so many things and was unable to make the decisions I needed to make, but Susana led me on the right path.

Her advice was really helpful and made so much sense, I no longer feel lost.


DJ, Producer (Japan), One-to-one coaching client

"I am a professional singer and singing teacher, and although I work mainly in the classical genre, I have also worked in and long had a passion for trance music. Because of this, I have known of and respected Susana’s work for many years.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss a number of topics with Susana. We talked about getting back into the world of trance music and what that might look like for me, the factors blocking my exploration of top-line writing, and the initial steps I could take to get me started.

I came away from our conversation feeling equipped with the knowhow of how to start exploring top-line writing again, and how to have fun with the process, instead of it feeling daunting. I also felt inspired to take the plunge into investing in my future, and have recently started a 12 week top-line masterclass.

Thank you Susana, for generously sharing your time and expertise with other artists. I would not hesitate to recommend her services!"

Victoria Stilwell

Singer/songwriter/vocal coach (UK), [One-to-one coaching client]

The course is really informative and useful. No matter whether you already have a fanbase and want to learn how to boost it and promote your music in the most effective way, or if you’re starting from scratch with a brand new musical project and need to build a whole new fanbase from scratch!

It’s also a great course for learning to be more conscious, systematic and organized about how to promote your music – and how to communicate with your audience in the best way.

It has been such a pleasure to learn about these things, and Susana is really good at explaining things so that they make sense.

I really recommend this course!

Stine Grove

Vocalist/ songwriter [Build & Boost Your Fanbase student 2019]

What a brilliant and thoughtful course – it has certainly built and boosted my confidence in using the tools to develop an authentic online presence and helped me understand and connect with my growing fanbase.

Thank you!

Sue McLaren

Vocalist/Songwriter/Producer (Build & Boost Your Fanbase student 2020)

“This course is great for new artists starting out or those who have been at it for a while but getting nowhere.

It forces you to change your perspective on how to engage your audience and how to market to them without being a sales manager.

It really helped me engage with my audience and I am building my audience steadily and consistently now.”

David Hunt

DJ/Producer (Build & Boost Your Fanbase student 2019)

I first met Susana looking for information regarding how to approach and work with vocalists in my genre (Trance).

Given her legendary status as a Trance vocalist and producer herself, this seemed an obvious fit for me and my immediate, tactical objectives in my musical career.

What I got was a mentor, coach, and (indeed) friend who took a personal interest in my success as a music professional and who became an advocate for me in developing the skills and mindset essential to get the results I was after.

I’ve since had a track picked up by a major genre label and have been able to get doors opened that I likely would never have known how to open on my own.

Further, she’s taught me techniques and given me practical knowledge that has set the stage for more growth and success on my path.

Susana has lived the journey herself. She understands the emotional rollercoaster ride that building a musical career can be and the impact that it can have on the artist. She handles this both professionally and with the care of a big sister.

She’s a pro, a gifted artist, an experienced businessperson, and a giving teacher.

Brian McCalla

Producer (USA), [One-to-one coaching client]

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