The Music Business Accelerator Program

Uplevel your music production or music mentoring business!

Get paid well and attract clients you love who value your work, without overworking and losing yourself in the process!

You have come to the right place if;


You are an artist with a service based music business selling your music related skills and/or knowledge online as a music producer or music teacher.


You would like to earn more, but aren’t sure how. Either because you struggle to attract enough clients or because you are already fully booked.


You often feel overwhelmed with everything that comes with running your music business.


Clients just kind of happen to you sporadically and you often worry about your income.


You find yourself making comparisons with others in your field who have more followers and client testimonials than you have. It makes you wonder: why would anyone choose me over them?


Marketing and selling your services feels daunting and makes you feel uncomfortable.


A lot of your time is spent on endless communicating and going back and forth with clients. And if you’re honest, some of your clients really drain your energy.


You work hard all the time, but all that hard work isn’t giving you the desired results.


You dream of a successful music business and are willing to do what it takes, but you no longer want to be a slave of your schedule.


You would like to have more time left for your personal life and/or pursuing your own music career.

In conclusion: you work your *ss off, but all that hard work somehow isn’t enough to bring you the desired results and income, let alone a sustainable work-life balance.

And it’s probably not going to change any time soon, unless…

Just being a skilled musician, producer or coach isn’t enough to build a successful small music business. This requires a different skill. One that not many artists naturally possess…

And that is the skill of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is more than just sales and marketing.

It’s about developing your strategic mind, taking ownership for your success, having the courage to go beyond your comfort zone and prioritising impact- and income producing activities.

It also means knowing when to say ‘no’. 

I often see artists saying yes to every opportunity without actually asking themselves whether or not it’s the right one for them, at that moment in time, and for the goals they have set. 

And that is such a shame. 

Not only does this contribute to overwhelm, it is also wasted energy that could have been given to actions that could actually move the needle in the right direction.

The good news is, entrepreneurship is a skill that can be learned. And I happen to love teaching this skill! 

So you have come to the right place.

I have been a professional singer and topline writer for almost 20 years, and an artist coach for 5 years. 

If someone would have told me when I was young that I’d become passionate about entrepreneurship and would even teach it to artists I probably would have laughed at them.

I associated business with boring office buildings, men in suits and tacky tactics to earn money off the back of people. 

Until I realized that if I wanted to succeed in music, I had to stop relying on other people, get in the driver’s seat and build my career like a business! 

And along the way I discovered that my perception of the word ‘business’ was wrong. 

Entrepreneurship is actually about serving people! And in our case, serving people with our music. 

I decided to study how the ‘game’ of business is played. I’ve invested literally tens of thousands of euros in advertising, business and marketing coaching, websites, and softwares. 

I have hosted sales webinars, held many sales calls with potential clients, developed and ran one-to-one programs as well as online group courses ranging in prices from €99-€1800 euros a piece, created a shit load of content, started a podcast… and made a lot of mistakes along the way!

But all this trial and error has taught me a tonne about what works and what doesn’t work.

So let me help you!


I have developed a one-to-one coaching program to help you level up your music production or music mentoring business, start getting paid well and attract clients you love who value your work and time.

No more selling yourself short or stretching yourself thin!

This is a BRAND NEW program and I am currently looking for ambitious artists who want to participate in the pilot version at a MASSIVELY reduced rate! 

Book your free call below to find out more.

During this 30mins Zoom call we will look at the current state of your music business, discuss your goals, determine what is needed to bridge the gap and look at how I can help you do so (no strings attached ofc). 

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