All about the music!

Music has been my preferred outlet since I was a child and I couldn’t imagine my life without it! 

Ever since I can remember I dreamt of a career as a singer and I feel very fortunate to have been able to make this dream come true. There is nothing I enjoy more than creating songs and sharing them with you.

On this page you will find a collection of my artist albums and compilation series, information about the Press Play Radio podcast and links to my complete discography on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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Press Play Compilation Series


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“Only summer knows, I didn’t want it to end
The power of our hearts could light up a day
Summer knows,
We showered in the moonlight, believing that love could last
Can you believe again?”

Only Summer Knows

“As if nothing’s happened, as if nothing’s wrong
The world seems to move on, the world carries on
I’ll starve for your love, hungry I fall,
as if nothing’s happened,
Nothing at all”

Nothing at All (with Rex Mundi)

“How could it end this way,
Don’t leave me,
Love me,
Just a little bit longer”

Shivers (with Armin van Buuren)

“Yet the twinkles in your eyes keep shooting stars across the skies
I’ll miss you love,
And all your colours, keep shining through the darkest day,
you’ll never fade away, never fade away”

Ramelia (with Ram)

Siento fuerza y libertad, si contigo puedo estar,
Compartimos la realidad, tu y yo hasta mas allá”

Unbreakable (with Aly & Fila and Roger Shah)

“When I’m in here, I feel I’m closer
Nothing left but bliss inside my heart
All I ever was, all I’ll ever be
When you’re near, I feel I’m closer”

(with Omnia & The Blizzard)

“I can see your light shining through,
Don’t look back, don’t let them get to you,
No matter what they say,
They can never take away your gift in love
The love you are made of”

Love You Are Made Of  (with James Dymond)

Press Play Radio

Recognise that moment when you discover an amazing song and you feel like everyone you know should hear it?

That was one of the reasons for me to launch Press Play Radio back in 2015. I thought it would be an exciting way to share the music I love with the world.

Besides that it allows me to play my own songs as well and talk about how they were born and the story behind them.

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