Business Coaching For Artists

As part of my mission to help talented artists build successful music careers I launched my Business Coaching for Artists Academy in 2019!

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How I can help you build the music career of your dreams!

The Journey

(online course)

For artists looking to build a successful music career as a recording/ performing artists releasing their own music.

Comprehensive online program designed to transform you from an artist with a dream, to a musicpreneur with the knowledge, tools, strategies and mindset and support system necesary to build a successful music career!

BCFA Mentor Program

(one-to-one coaching)

For artists looking to build a successful music career as a recording/ performing artists releasing their own music.

Personal, in depth one-to-one coaching program tailored to your specific needs and goals.
With the BCFA Mentor Program I help you follow your purpose, navigate the music industry and build a music career that fits your values and the life and career you want to create.

NEW: The Music Business Builder

(one-to-one coaching)

For artists who provide a music related service to other artists.

Are you a producer offering production and mixing services to other artists? Or are you a music teacher or coach? Or both?
The MBB is the one-to-one program that will help you increase your revenue, attract clients you love who value your time and expertise, and experience more fulfillment in your music business.


Free Discovery Call

During this 30mins call we will discuss your music career goals, determine what is needed in order to build the music career you envision and look at how I could help you make this a reality (no strings attached).

Request your free call via the button below. Within 48hours* on weeksdays I will send you an email to let you know if you qualify for the call and to schedule a time and date.

*Tuesday is my day off, so depending on when you fill in the form it may take one day longer for me to respond.

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